Meridian Prints (Open Edition, Unsigned)

On September 28, 2021, I released Meridian, a generative art project hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, with 1,000 editions distributed to collectors through

I've also released a curated selection of open edition, unsigned, and "out-of-band" Meridians, in that they will not be any from the minted set of 1,000 tokens. Imagine this like a "Director's Cut"—representative of the overall algorithm, but with some additional outputs from earlier iterations of my code.

See the collection here.

100 cm tall print
A mockup of a 100 cm tall framed Meridian print.


Note that this Open Edition collection is not signed by the artistIf you currently hold a Meridian token and wish to have it printed and signed by the artist, see here. I use a more bespoke and high-end print partner for the signed and limited-edition prints, so timing, production cost, and packaging quality will differ from these open edition prints.

Print & Shipping

These are printed on archival 100% cotton paper, using archival inks. Smaller prints will be flat-packed, larger will be tube-rolled—all unframed and shipped by DHL or a similar courier (depending on location and other factors), which typically arrives within a few days as it is an express service. Printing and fulfillment is handled by Theprintspace in London.


The prints come in four size variants: 50, 75, 100, or 150 cm tall. Note the 150 cm is very large and may be more costly to source framing for—I would suggest using a measuring tape on your walls before ordering. For this series, I often recommend a subtle and flat style frame in black, walnut, maple, or oak.

Charity Proceeds

On any print sales between November 2021 and November 2022, 100% of net proceeds (profits) from open edition Meridian prints was sent to a UK nonprofit, Fields in Trust, a charity that aims to support and champion access and preservation of parks and green spaces across the United Kingdom. In total, the net proceeds from this period had a huge impact, and was enough funding to give two parks in Liverpool protected status. Thank you to all who purchased during this period and contributed to the charitable donation!

Printing @ Home

I'm also providing the community some web tools to render Meridian outputs as high-resolution images, for example finding new variations from the generator and printing these at home or sending them to a local printing studio. If you're interested in this approach, you can find more details in the pinned messages in my ArtBlocks Discord channel.


75 cm height


100 cm height


150 cm height