Meridian Prints (Signed, Token-Limited)

On September 28, 2021, I released Meridian, a generative art project hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, with 1,000 editions distributed to collectors through

If you currently own one of the minted 1,000 Meridian tokens, and can prove wallet ownership, you are eligible to purchase a limited edition, archival-quality print signed and dated by the artist, corresponding to the token # that you own.

Note: If you do not own a Meridian token, but would like a print, or if you'd like a less bespoke printing service, see Open Edition Prints.

150 cm tall print
A mockup of a 150 cm tall framed Meridian print.

Size & Price

Prices below are per-print in DAI (a stablecoin), but can be paid in equivalent in USDC, ETH, or fiat through PayPal, TransferWise, or a UK Bank Transfer.

  • XS: 28 x 50 cm (11" x 19.6") — 130 DAI
  • S: 42 x 75 cm (16.6" x 29.5") — 260 DAI
  • M: 56 x 100 cm (22.1" x 39.3") — 400 DAI
  • L: 84 x 150 cm (33" x 59") — 600 DAI

On top of this, there is an additional flat shipping cost of 35 DAI for shipping within the UK, 70 DAI for within EU, and 105 DAI for rest of world. Note you may also be required to pay duty fees upon receiving the print.

Note: These sizes are on the larger end, be sure to measure your walls to ensure the prints will fit in your space.

Order Form

You'll need to provide the following details:

  • Name, mailing address, email, phone number (all required for delivery and export)
  • Ethereum wallet address containing the Meridian token(s)
  • Token #s that you wish to have printed
  • Which size you'd like
  • Whether you plan to pay in fiat (eg: PayPal) or crypto (ETH or USDC/DAI)

Submit the form here to order prints.

Print Details

These are inkjet printed on archival quality 100% cotton paper. Larger sizes will include an additional unprinted margin beyond the coloured border, which can help prevent frayed edges during transport. You can optionally trim this edge off while framing.

The paper has a matte and smooth finish, a subtle texture, and produces vivid hues and deep blacks. The prints are signed and dated by the artist in pigment pen—either white, silver, or black, whichever produces the best contrast with the background colour of your particular Meridian token. The prints will be shipped unframed and tube-rolled. I suggest a thin, minimal frame in black, white, maple, or walnut, depending on your Meridian colours, and framing flush to the edge of the paper (no additional window matte).

50 cm tall print

See here for additional mockups and photos of a 100 cm tall test print at the framer. 

Custom Orders

If you'd like to make a custom order, such as a different size than what is listed, or other specific requests, please email

A Note on Token Ownership

If you sell or give away your Meridian token; the new owner of the token will then be eligible to purchase a print as well. Since Meridian is a digital-first project, and provenance is tied specifically to the token, rather than the physical artefact, I have decided to take this limited and token-ownership approach, rather than attempting to tie each token to a unique and single edition print.