Here are some details about the quality, shipping, and artworks.


Generative Art is a form of art created in part by an autonomous system, like a computer program. I write code an algorithms to produce images, 3D models, and robotic instructions for my mechanical pen plotter. Most of my artwork is created by combining JavaScript, Chrome, and Node.js.

Giclée Prints

Shipping: For open edition Giclée prints, shipping is handled by theprintspace in London, and they ship to most locations around the world using DHL Express. This is an exceptionally fast courier (typically 1-3 days), and a more secure option than regular post for sending art prints. Unfortunately, these rates have increased drastically as of January 2023—the pricing is set by theprintspace, and not something I have control over.

Quality: Unless otherwise stated, my prints use archival quality inks and paper, printed on 100% cotton paper, often Hahnemühle Photo Rag (308 gsm) or similar. The paper has a matte and smooth finish, a subtle texture, and produces vivid hues and deep blacks.

Signature: Open edition Giclée prints are not signed. Limited edition prints, unique artworks, and mechanical pen plotter prints will be signed and dated by the artist. If a print has been signed, it will be noted in the product's description.

Paper Size: Most of my prints will be either A4 or A3, which will fit in many standard frames across UK and Europe.

Framing: None of my artworks are sold with frames. I suggest using a minimal frame, such as white, black or dark walnut, with anti-reflective glass and a wide matte to give more breathing room to the artwork.

Refunds & Issues: If there is a problem with the product you received, please email me at info@mattdesl.studio.

Mechanical Pen Plotter Prints

Occasionally I will sell Mechanical Pen Plotter prints through this shop. These are created with my own AxiDraw V3, by writing code that sends instructions to the robotic arm.

As with my Giclée prints, these use archival quality inks and papers. However, I package and ship these myself, and each one is a unique artwork, so the rates are sometimes different.

The robotic arm sometimes produces subtle imperfections and differences between each artwork, making the prints feel original and almost hand-made.

More Questions?

If you have other questions or want to get in touch, please email me at info@mattdesl.studio.