Sales on Hold: July - August, 2021

I will be travelling for vacation and to reunite with family from July 15 to August 5th, so during this time I will be putting print sales on hold. If you'd like to received a signed Subscapes print, you'll have to wait until I am back at my studio in London in August. Thanks!

Subscapes Prints

On April 23, 2021, I released Subscapes, a generative art project hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, with 650 editions distributed to collectors through

If you currently own one of the 650 Subscapes tokens, and can prove wallet ownership with a cryptographic signature, you are eligible to purchase a limited edition, artist signed, archival-quality print, corresponding to the token # that you own.

Prints are 18x18 in (45.72x45.72 cm) which includes a 0.5 in (1.27 cm) margin. The price per print is 475 DAI (see note below), which also covers packaging and shipping (unframed, tube-rolled). To purchase, email with the following details:

  • Token #s that you can prove ownership of, and wish to have printed
  • Ethereum wallet address (or, some other form of confirmation of ownership)
  • Shipping address

If you'd like to order a different print size, please let me know in the email.

Token #0, minted and owned by the artist.



Originally these were priced at 0.25 ETH, which presents an issue with Ethereum's rising price. I've now instead decided to set the price to 475 DAI or USDC (or the equivalent in fiat).

A Note on Token Ownership

If you sell or give away your Subscapes token; the new owner of the token will then be eligible to purchase a print as well. Since Subscapes is a digital-first project, and provenance is tied specifically to the token, rather than the physical artefact, I have decided to take this limited and token-ownership approach, rather than attempting to tie each token to a unique and single edition print.